Hello and welcome. 

My name is Kaz Windsor  and I am the owner of Sculpt & Change Therapies . 

I am on a mission to CHANGE how we consider and treat Lipoedema , Lymphoedema and other Lymphatic and inflammatory, Connective tissue disorders with a range of THERAPIES, targeting the lymphatics and fascia reducing swelling , inflammation and treating traumatised stuck clumpy tissue and fluid build up. I have developed a range of treatments based on a lifetime fight with Lipoedema  and other lymphatic connective tissue disorders which has not only minimised the symptoms of Lipoedema, Lymphoedema and Dercum's disease  (swelling and associated pain)  . This has changed my shape and I feel better and healthier and have a new found confidence, my journey continues with daily Self Care and consistency towards all my disorders. I am you and you are me. 

Karen Windsor     Association of Reflexologists  MAR

Certified: Reflexologist SEG Awards ABC level 3 

Certified: RLD Reflexology Lymph Drainage  

Certified : Reflexology for Menopause 

Certified: Mindfulness Coaching       

Certified: IASTM Soft Tissue Mobilisation 

Diploma:  Reiki/Seichem 1-2 and 3 Masters       

Diploma: Full Facial and Mask 

Diploma: Seated Chair Massage with Acupressure.

Diploma: Facial with Jade Roller/Guasha  Lymphatic 

Diploma: Full leg foot arm and hand Accupresure  Massage.